Reviews for The Painter's Gift

Five Stars!

In their supremely positive visions, Holt (with words) and the protagonist (with a brush) paint warm strokes that relay a message of healing after loss. Not only does the protagonist's (Manhattan artisan Claire Lucas) radiant painting soften the hardest hearts but is a nod to the reader's sense of wonder and fertile imagination. Additionally, the story leans slightly on a Dan Brown-esque critique of religious status quo themes. But, thankfully, Brown's obsession with detail doesn't show up. Essentially, the story revolves around simpler themes of remorse and joy; loss and renewal; and embitterment and faith.

Holt presents an interesting concoction of romance and quasi-religious mystery that blends quite seamlessly. She has crafted a pleasantly surprising novel and a solid, quick read.

ForeWord Magazine
After the publishing tsunami which was The DaVinci Code, a mad rush ensued to put out the next Dan-Brown-style breakout—even Dan Brown tried—but nothing on that model has been equally commercial. The Painter’s Gift nods in that direction, but the place of religion in life is more practically divined here. The idea of piecing together a new holy message is appealing, the lead character is worth pulling for. This book should combine agreeably with a lawn chair, a beach towel, and a beverage of choice. 

Laurie Nadel, PhD, Author, Sixth Sense: Unlocking Your
Ultimate Mind Power
and Host of The Dr. Laurie Show

"Based on the true story of a recent archeological discovery of an ancient scroll, The Painter's Gift is a compelling spiritual adventure story written through a woman's eyes and heart.  Penelope Holt's debut novel immediately draws the reader into the narrator's inner world.  Her protagonist is a young artist and recently bereaved widow who experiences a series of lucid dreams about Jesus as a young man in India. These dreams become the source of a magnificent painting which has healing properties for those who see it.  The painting is one of three that were predicted in a recently discovered ancient scroll.  Elegantly written, the spiritual truths revealed through synchronicities, dreams, and intuitive signs, could well become the next Celestine Prophecies."

The Girls on Books
Penelope Holt brought to life a story of miracles and what ifs. The Painter’s Gift will intrigue mystery readers and satisfy romance readers. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more of her work.