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Jesus in India. The website summarizes and addresses a number of claims maide in books and on websites that Jesus travelled through India in his youth, or that he was later buried there, including the following:

1.  Notovitch: 'Secret Life' in India, Tibet and Persia

 Jesus spent time in India (and Persia and Tibet) during his early life.  This was Nicolas Notovitch's thesis in his 1894 work The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ. The author claimed to have discovered monastery texts showing that Jesus had travelled through India and Tibet during his teens and early twenties. This view has recently been taken up by Holger Kersten in Jesus Lived in India. Notovitch's book itself in still in print.

Edgar Goodspeed's 1931 book Strange Gospels described the rise and fall of Notovich's claims in the decade following the publication of his book.  A more up-to-date analysis can be found in Per Beskow's 1983 book Strange Tales about Jesus: A survey of unfamiliar gospels.

 2.  Dowling: 'Akashic Records'

Ostensibly psychic variations on the Jesus-in-India theme have been advanced by Levi H. Dowling, Edgar Cayce and Rudolph Steiner. Their views of Jesus' travels to India were allegedly transcribed from the Akashic Records, a telepathically accessed universal library of ideas, thoughts and events. Arild Romarheim gave one recent assessment of these ideas in his 1992 book The Aquarian Christ: Jesus Christ as Portrayed by New Religious Movements.