The Apple

2008's publishing cause celebre was the so-called Herman Rosenblat memoir hoax--a Holocaust love story gone wrong.  Herman's inspirational tale of a girl tossing apples over the fence of a Nazi concentration camp proved that love conquers all, even the greatest evil.  The story earned Herman two appearances on Oprah and brought him to the forefront of pop culture and inspirational storytelling.  But when his story was assailed as fabricated, another story emerged and that story is The Apple.  What are the perils of embellishing memoir?  Why does it happen?   And what is the story behind the story of a Holocaust survivor whose real account needed no embellishment to inspire.

The Painter's Gift

Three painters, three paintings, one amazing revelation,  The Painter's Gift is a story or miracles and what-ifs.  Buy it at book stores, on Kindle or at the Apple Store

Singing God's Work

A look at the inspirational music, people and stories of the world-famous Harlem Gospel Choir, by its founder and manager, Allen Bailey.  The Choir, dubbed the Angels of Harlem by U2"s Bono, has performed for global audiences and such dignitaries as Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.  The Choir moves audiences with heart-pounding, foot-tapping, spirit-lifting gospel music and the same spirit carries into this memoir and its tales of people like Muhammad Ali, Oprah, Martin Luther King, Paul Newman, Sri Chimoy, Nelson Mandela and others, who, in their quest to change the world, crossed paths or joined forces with Allen and the Choir.