I was born in Yorkshire, England, back when it was a picturesque county of woolen mills, coal mines and sheep farms.  I graduated from the University of York, then I headed south to London, before following a friend to America.  I never went home to live again, although I always planned to.  I settled in New York, pulled along by the fast pace, working on the fringes of theater, until I fixed on business writing as a way to fund my fiction habit. 

As the owner of a communications firm, part of what I do is help companies tell their stories in fresh ways.  Business, personal and cultural reality begins with a story--the word--that is conceived, told, and then made real.

When it comes to fiction writing, my interest is visionary fiction and characters who shape reality by working first with their own imaginations and creative unconscious.

In writing The Apple, based on Herman Rosenblat's Holocaust love story, I was intrigued by his impulse to use mythical elements and symbols in his account to reshape his survivor account and personal experience.

Behind The Painter's Gift is the idea that we often create our lives based on ideologies and belief systems that inevitably conflict with reality.  When Claire Lucas loses her husband, everything she believes in falls away.  Only then is she ready to turn inwards to experience the mystery of her inner life, the power of an inner guide, and an inspiration that leads to The Painter's Gift--a visual gospel that uses imagery, not words, to bypass reason and transform the hearts of those who witness it.

In collaborating with Allen Bailey, founder of the Harlem Gospel Choir, it has been sheer pleasure to hear the joyful noise that the choir creates and to help Allen write and share his story in Singing God's Work: The Inspirational Music, People and Stories of the Harlem Gospel Choir.  On sale October 31, 2009