Penelope Holt

The Apple is Available in Stores, Online, on iTunes and Kindle.  "A beautiful and haunting book." 
Oprah called Herman Rosenblat's tale of a girl who tossed him apples over the fence of a Nazi concentration camp, "the greatest love story we've ever told."  But that was before the story was attacked as fabricated and Herman's memoir by a major publisher was canceledThe Apple tells the infamous but intriguing love story, as well as the story behind the story: why did Herman Rosenblat give the account he did?  And what happened afterwards?  Read for yourself and decide.  Publishing misadventures, culture making and gotcha journalism, The Apple reveals the perils of embellishing a memoir and the power of the human spirit to survive evil and recast personal history.  The Apple, York House Press is now available.

Both The Apple and The Painter's Gift are visionary fiction that explore dreams and the power of the creative unconscious to create personal reality.  Meanwhile, it was my great pleasure to collaborate with Allen Bailey on his memoir, Singing God's Work: The Inspirational Music, People and Stories of the Harlem Gospel Choir.